Fiber Optic Connector Polishing Machine Grinding Machine


Fiber Optic Connector Polishing Machine 24-550D Grinding Machine high-performance polish machine offers superior quality and maximum through put at a very affordable price. high speed rotation & revolution method,Standard capacity 18 connectors, up to 48 LC/MU. · This Square Pressure Fiber Optic Polishing Machine strength controlled by four angle, thus the pressure is more precise to control and the final products has higher precision. · For PC terminations above 95% could pass 3D interferometer test, while for APC terminations this rate keep 90%. · Each polishing jig for this machine is available as LC,SC,ST, FC, MTRJ,E2000 PC connector as well as angle polishing. · May process each kind of standard fiber optic connectors, such as FC/UPC/APC,SC/UPC/APC, ST/UPC/APC, LC/UPC/APC, ,MU/UPC/APC, MTRJ,E2000/UPC/APC etc.

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