what is Indoor & Outdoor fiber optic cable?

Indoor Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable non armored,These are cables that are designed to meet both the rigorous environment of the outdoors but also can be routed indoors, where flame rating requirements also apply. This type of cable eliminates the need for a “transition splice” to an indoor-rated cable when routing an outdoor cable into the building.When routing cables within a building, you will also need to factor in fire prevention requirements. These requirements differ per country and region of the world.

4 Fibers SM OS2, LSZH, Single-Armored Double-Jacket, Tight Buffered Distribution Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Cable GJFZY53

Indoor Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable non armored specifications difference between indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable Indoor/Outdoor fiber optic cable delivers outstanding audio, video, telephony and data signal performance for educational, corporate and government campus applications. With a low bending radius and lightweight feature, this cable is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Typical indoor/outdoor cables are loose tube and tight buffer designs, and we also supply Ribbon cables , drop cables, distribution cables and break-out cables  These are available in a variety of configurations and jacket types to cover riser and plenum requirements for indoor cables and the ability to be run in duct, direct buried, or aerial/lashed in the outside plant. Any fiber count and cable length can be available.

Indoor Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable non armored Tight Buffered cable incorporates the advantages of 900um Tight Buffered fiber found in Inside-Plant Cable with the enhanced Mechanical and Environmental attributes found in cable suitable for outdoor deployments. Available in multiple constructions ranging from Distribution style single-jacket cable to High Fiber Count designs, Indoor-Outdoor Tight Buffered cable reduces the need for transitions within the Campus network.