What is Patch Cord Polishing Films/Lapping & Pads?

polishing films/Lapping have 30μ 9μ 3μ 1μ  0.03μ(ADS) ….Optional types

we offers various Polishing Films/Lapping Films for fiber optic connector and optical fiber polishing. Polishing Films are made of diamond, silicon carbide and aluminum oxide and in 0.03, 0.5, 1, 3, 6, 9, 15 and 30um. They are ideal for polishing fiber optic connectors in various grit and particle sizes.

Fiber Optic Polishing Film
Fiber Optic Polishing Film

Polishing Films are available with surface textures and particle density to suit the end user’s performance requirements. Films are lot tested for quality, consistency and longevity. A range of films are available for epoxy removal, grinding, fine polish and cleaning of industry standard fiber optic connectors and ferrules.

polishing rubber pads are designed for use with the APC Series High Volume Polishers, and are compatible with most circular polishing machines currently available on the market. All consumables are certified for hardness and parallelism, and are available with durometer specifications and color coding found below. Polishing rubber pads suitable for field installable connector polishing are also available.