What Is HDMI Active Optical Cable (AOC) 2.0?

HDMI Active Optical Cable/AOC 2.0 is the most competitive long reach HDMI interconnection solution in the market.It support HDMI Maximum Data Rate 6Gbps with light weight, flexible and ultra-small long-term bending radius (52mm) hybrid cable. With our advanced optical engine embedded. this HDMI Hybrid Cable provides full HDMI signal integrity, support up to 100m maximum length, plug and play.

HDMI Active Optical Hybrid Cable Picture
HDMI Active Optical Hybrid Cable Picture

HDMI Active Optical Cable/AOC No external power required.HDMI Active Optical Cable (AOC) uses fiber optic technology to transport the digital HDMI signal. This means that the signal can be carried much further than with a traditional copper cable (up to 100 m), and reduces the risk of EMI/RFI interference. HDMI AOC cables also have dedicated copper power wires inside, so no external power supply is required.
HDMI AOC cable uses fiber optic technology – reduces the risk of EMI/RFI in high interference environments
Durable extra thin premium quality braided cable with stylish metal connectors
Smaller cable diameter compared to traditional copper HDMI cables
Supports 4K UHD resolutions at 60Hz