What is Self-supporting Flat Drop Cable?

Self-supporting Flat Drop Cable Drop cable FTTH cable Fiber optic drop cable FTTH fiber optic cable flat drop fiber cable ftth drop cable price fiber drop cable ftth cable price fiber drop  fiber optic drop cable fiber drop wire fiber drop cable price drop cable meaning ftth drop cable what is drop cable aerial drop cable  Butterfly Flat FTTH Drop Cable  GJXFH FTTH Indoor Drop Cable uses butterfly flat structure, whose optical fiber unit is positioned in the centre.


Two parallel Fiber Reinforce Plastic (FRP) strength members are placed at the two sides. Then, the cable is completed with LSZH sheath. FTTH indoor cable has a much greater bandwidth to carry data and less susceptible to interference than common indoor fiber cables. With small diameter, water-resistant, soft and bendable characteristics, it’s easy to deploy and maintenance. In addition, the non-metallic strength member can provide lightning protection and anti-electromagnetic interference. FTTH cables are ideal for indoor cabling, end users directly cabling, and access network.