What Is Multi-Core Indoor Fiber Optic Cable?

multi-core aramid yarn SM MM-9/125 OS1-OS2-OM1 62.5/125- OM2-OM3-OM4 50/125, this yarn is reinforced evenly on the outside of the single-mode tight sleeve optical fiber, and then extruded flame-retardant outer sheath. This cable adapts to indoor distribution mostly, as well as outdoor but with PE tube only. This cable has characters of soft, easy to peel, to facilitate follow, circular structure, small size, lightweight.

GJFJV Indoor Optic Fiber Cable

Multi-Core Indoor Fiber Optic Cable,Most indoor fiber optic cables are tight buffer design, usually they consist of the following components inside the cable, the FRP which is non-metallic strengthen member, the tight buffer optical fiber, the Kevlar which is used to further strength the cable structure, making it resist high tension, and the cable outer jacket. The trend is to use LSZH or other RoHS compliant PVC materials to make the cable jacket; this will help protect the environment and the health of the end users. Usually the single mode indoor fiber optic cables are installed between the buildings where the distance is more than 100 meters, while multimode indoor fiber optic cables are used shorter distance connections. We supply SMF and MMF indoor fiber cables with various structures for different applications.