What Is Fiber Optic Terminators (Light Trap or Optical Terminators)?

Fiber Optic Terminators/Light Trap are used to terminate unused connector ports in fiber optic systems so that unwanted reflections are not introduced back into the system. Available in SC, FC, ST, and LC.

Fiber Optic Terminators
Fiber Optic Terminators

Optical Terminators Low reflection Terminators are designed for use in unused ports and reduce back reflection into fiber optic systems.

Terminators (Plug in type or Build-out type) are used to terminate unused fiber connector ports in fiber optic systems so optical terminators unwanted reflections are not introduced back into the system. It is used in fiber optic network to install on the possibly unused ports. In fiber optic network there may beunused ports in the whole system, such unused ports will create unwanted return loss and degrade the whole network performance.

Structure of optical terminator

Optical Terminators are functional devices using Metal-Ion Doped Fibers. These products prevent the reflection of light that are present at open end systems. By using Metal-Ion Doped Fibers, these terminators convert the optical power into heat and the power is attenuated inside the devices. The structures of the plug type optical terminators are simple and the power-proof and performance stability is superior.

Plug type optical terminator

Plug type terminators are used to terminate dark fiber port on the fiber optic component.Their ceramic ferrule is polished with an angled or non-angled end face to reduce unwant reflections from open ports. These optical terminator also provide improved personal safety over termination methods. Plug type optical terminator can also be used with fiber adaptors at the male plug end, They can be easily installed into panel mount receptacles to significantly reduce reflections from the fiber face.