What Is GYXTW Fiber Optic Cable?

Unitube Light Armored GYXTW fiber optic cable is a type of fiber optic cable that is widely used in aerial application. This type of fiber optic cable has been praised due to its exceptional performance in Long Distance Symmetric role. As a matter of fact, This fiber optic cable plays an important role in the telecommunication industry and it’s highly recommended by many technicians.

GYXTW fiber optic cable
Description of Definition of GYXTW fiber optic cable

GYXTW fiber optic cable is commonly available from 2 fiber cores to 24 fiber cores.
it has two types which includes; single mode  fiber optic cable type and multimode  fiber optic cable types.
Fiber optic cable , 2~12 fibers
jelly filled and fiber contained central loose tube
copolymer coated steel tape
two parallel steel wires 1.2mm
PE outer sheath, G652D SM fiber
1km~4km, pure wooden drum package

Model NO.: GYXTW
Conductor Material: Fiber
Type: G652D
Conductor Type: Stranded
Certification: CE, ISO
Apply for: Aerial/ Duct /Direct Burial
Cable Type: Sm or Mm
Material of Jacket: MDPE/HDPE
Model Name: Fiber Optic Cable
Delivery Time: 10 Days
Origin: China
Application: Fiber Optic Cable
Cover Material: PE
Material Shape: Hollow Line
Wire Core Material: Steel
Fiber Count: 12cores
Fiber Type: G652/G655
Fiber Optic Cable Tube: Central Loose Tube
Model No.: GYXTW
MOQ: 2 Drum
Transport Package: 4km Wooden Drum
HS Code: 85176229

GYXTW fiber optic cable

Features of Definition of GYXTW fiber optic cable

Low dispersion and attenuation
Proper design, precise control for fiber excess length and distinct stranding process render the cable excellent mechanical and environmental properties
Double-jacket structure make cable have nice properties of moisture resistance and crush resistance
With small cable diameter, light cable weight, easily to lay
Operating Temperature : -40 ~ +60 ℃
Waterproofing layer providing strong water-resistance performance
Steel tape with PE outer sheathing and metallic strengthening member enhancing anti-crush and tensile property of cable
Up to 24 fiber cores
The loose tube is centrally situated with good excess length and minimizes the influence of lateral crush.
Double wire as strength member provides excellent strain performance.

Applications of GYXTW

These central loose tube optical fiber ribbon cables are suitable for installation in aerial or duct environment for communication between bureaus, metropolitan network, access network and is especially suitable for the situation where high-density fibers is expected.
Laying modes: Aerial & Conduit
Rural communication, local trunk line, CATV & computer networks system
Long-distance communication and LAN
Structure configurations:
Waterproofing layer between the steel tape and cable core.
Double-sided PE corrugated steel tape with PE sheath
Parallel double steel wire as strengthening member

the GYXTW  is a fantastic type of fiber optic cable that has lead to significant change in the telecommunication industry.  The research showed that, GYXTW   has some super features as compared to other types of fiber optic cable. Additionally, GYXTW  is widely available in the market and you can easily purchase one when need comes. Furthermore, its installation does not require technical experiences and therefore, you can install it for yourself.

Cable net
Min. bending
Min. tensile
Min. crush
Static state Dynamic
Short term Long term Short term Long
2-6 10.1 104 110 220 1500 600 1000 300
8-12 10.6 114 110 220 1500 600 1000 300
14-24 11.2 128 120 240 1500 600 1000 300