Volition fiber patch cable (VF 45, VF45-LC, VF 45 to LC) assemblies

Volition fiber patch cable (VF 45, VF45-LC, VF 45 to LC) assemblies are ideal for panel-to-panel cross-connects, equipment back planes, under desk and other applications that require reliability and mechanical strength. GPP Fiber Optic Patch Cords have a tight, 3/8 inch bend radius, which makes them easier to route and manage.VF 45 Fiber Cable, 3M VF45, 3M VF 45, VF45 to LC, VF45 to SC, VF 45 SC, VF 45 Patch Cable,

3M Volition VF-45 patch cables 2
3M Volition VF-45 patch cables 2
Pr-Terminated cables can be manufactured to suit your individual project requirements with any length,core count, color and connector type.

3M Volition VF-45 Fiber Optic Patch Cord duplex connector system using a 2mm or 3mm diameter zip cord cable. VF-45 fiber optic patch cords are comprised of a polymer outer body and inner assembly fitted with a precision alignment mechanism. Innovative fully automatic dust cover, on the top of the connector, can keep dust away and make sure eye safety when inserting into VF-45 adapter. The full-duplex VF-45 connector has the look and feel of the familiar RJ-45 modular jack. It performs to, and in many cases, exceeds industry standards and is compatible with standard optical glass fiber. The design of the VF-45 completely eliminates the need for ferrules in making a fiber optic connection. we can produce 3M Volition VF45 cable assemblies in various formats, from VF45 to VF45, VF45 to ST, LC and SC.


Easy push-pull installation

GGP50, GGP62.5, SM can be choose

High-density duplex interconnect;

V-groove alignment with injection-molded parts;

RJ-45 style latch

100% optical testing before shipping

Cable lengths optional

OEM and ODM customized production

The precision molded polymer housing and inner body provides consistent long-tem mechanical and optical performance.


Fiber to the Desktop

Data Center