MPO-LC Harness Breakout Cables

MPO-LC Harness Breakout Cables As we know, harness cables are generally used to connect high-density switches with LC serial transceivers installed. The transition harness connects to the pre-installed MPO backbone trunk cable and then furcates to LC connectors entering the switch. This kind of MPO-LC harness cables are usually supplied in short lengths because they are normally only used for “in-rack” connections. Transition harnesses are available for Base-8, 12 and 24 backbones and the LC tails are numbered for clear port identification and traceability.

MPO/MTP-LC harness cables
MPO-LC harness cables

in This picture you can see how you can use MPO-LC harness cables

MPO MTP-LC harness cables application
MPO-LC harness cables application