ADSS Cable Vibration Dampers

Vibration dampers are used to absorb aeolian vibrations of conductor of transmission lines, as well as ground wire, OPGW, and ADSS. Wind-induced vibration of aerial conductors is common worldwide and can cause conductor fatigue near a hardware attachment. It will reduce the service life of ADSS or OPGW cables.
Vibration dampers are widely used to control aeolian vibration of the ADSS cable and earth wires including optical ground wires (OPGW). When the damper is placed on a vibrating conductor, movement of the weights will produce bending of the steel strand. The bending of the strand causes the individual wires of the strand to rub together, thus dissipating energy.

ADSS Cable Vibration Dampers
There are two kind of typical vibration damper

1)Spiral vibration damper

2)Stockbridge vibration damper

Spiral Vibration Dampers is made of weather-resistant, non-corrosive plastic, dampers have a large. helically-formed damping section sized for the cable, And the stockbridge vibration damper is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and metal hardware. Vibration damper type will be chosen according to specific span and conductor’s requirements.
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