¿Qué es el divisor de PLC?

Los divisores de fibra óptica desempeñan un papel cada vez más importante en muchas de las topologías de redes ópticas actuales. Proporcionan capacidades que ayudan a los usuarios a maximizar la funcionalidad de los circuitos de redes ópticas, desde los sistemas FTTH hasta las redes ópticas tradicionales. Y normalmente se colocan en la oficina central […]

Definición y tipos de conectores LC de fibra óptica

Los conectores de fibra óptica se utilizan como medios mecánicos y ópticos para las fibras de conexión cruzada. Los conectores de fibra óptica también se pueden utilizar para unir cables de fibra a transmisores o receptores. Se han desarrollado muchos tipos de conectores para cables de fibra. Las redes monomodo han utilizado conectores FC o […]

What Is IP67 ODVA OptiTap FULLAxs IPFX Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies?

ODVA OptiTap FULLAxs IPFX or IPFX formats with SC LC or MPO connector

IP67 Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies (patch Cord) are available in weatherproof ODVA, OptiTap® FULLAxs, or IPFX formats with SC, LC or MPO connector types.All assemblies come with an weatherproof connector on one end and weatherproof connectors or standard connectors on the other end. mefiberoptic.com Assemble all type with most competitive price. Cable assemblies can be […]

About Fiber Optic Connector Types

Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber Optic Connectors Types Model: FC/SC/ST/LC/MTRJ/MPO and other connectors A fiber connector is also referred to as a “termination” and enables you to quickly connect/disconnect the fiber cables. Many fiber connector types have a spring-loaded connection to ensure that there is a constant force that is mating the two fibers together to confirm that you […]

Multimode Fiber OM1 vs OM2 vs OM3 vs OM4 vs OM5

Multimode fiber is a common choice to achieve 10 Gbit/s speed over distances required by LAN enterprise and data center applications. There are several kinds of multimode fiber types available for high-speed network installations, and each with a different reach and data-rate capability. With so many options, it can be tough to select the most […]

What Are indoor Fiber Optic patch cables Types?

Cable Types Indoor patch cord is current normal one. it is used to attach one device to another for signal routing. Application: CCTV Data transmission. Telecommunication, Testing equipment. WBN, Optical fiber CATV, LAN indoor/outdoor. Feature: PC UPC APC polishing optional High credibility and stability Low insertion loss, high return loss 400X microscope inspecting. Good in […]