What Is POE Switches 4-8-16-26 Port?

POE Switches 4-8-16-26 Port is a device that allows devices on a network to communicate. A PoE switch has the Power over Ethernet functionality built into it. This means you can power devices using network cables.

16 Port PoE Switch with 2 Gigabit Uplink and Gigabit SFP
16 Port PoE Switch with 2 Gigabit Uplink and Gigabit SFP

A PoE switch provides power that can be used to run other devices via the Ethernet cabling. If your network has distributed switches, it’s also possible to get PoE pass-through switches. These are themselves powered by PoE from a central source but can also pass power on to endpoint devices such as cameras or phones.

4/6/8/16/24 Ports PoE Switch,100/1000Mbps Gigbit Fast Ethernet Unmanaged,with 2 Ethernet Gigbit Uplink, desk alone and Rack mountable

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