Fiber optic network design

  • Select the data network communication platform
  • Distance between communication points
  • Speed required for data transfer
  • Communication platform stability
  • Execution cost
  • Ability to implement the plan
  • Include maintenance in fiber optic network design
  • Select the type of fiber optic cable
  • Path selection in fiber optic network design

Fiber optic cabling

  • Safety of executive forces
  • Shipping and delivery of fiber optic cable
  • Map reading and cabling route
  • Fiber optic cabling substrate
  • Installing fiber optic cable
  • Permissible amount of bending in fiber optic cabling
  • How to twist the fiber optic cable
  • Fiber optic cable heading
  • Test the installed fiber optic cable

Fiber optic ground drilling and cabling

  • Select fiber optic cable for ground cabling
  • Transportation of fiber optic cable
  • Minimum temperature for cable installation
  • Protection against external factors
  • Save a certain length of cable during installation (hand screw)
  • Burial fiber optic cabling
  • Fiber optic cabling from the tube
  • Fiber optic drilling and cabling area
  • Compaction of soil after drilling

Fiber optic aerial cabling

  • Fiber optic overhead cabling
  • Fiber optic cabling on the wall
  • Fiber optic cabling on telecommunication towers

Fiber optic cabling indoors

  • Fiber optic cabling from the floor of the building
  • Fiber optic cabling on the roof
  • Surface cabling

Fusion and Splice Closures

  • Stripping the fiber
  • Cleaning the fiber
  • Cleaving the fiber
  • Splicing the fibers
  • Splice Closures

Fiber optic testing and troubleshooting

  • OTDR
  • VFL (visual falt lucator)
  • Test and report cable disconnection
  • Test the quality of the cable and equipment used
  • Test the quality of fustion
  • Report excessive cable bending

FTTH installation

  • Execute FTTH by Breakout cable method
  • Installation of FTTH using Micro-Tube
  • FTTH installation using easy access cable
  • Installation of FTTH by star method

GPON implementation

  • GPON network design
  • GPON cabling Perform
  • GPON fusion Insert the
  • ONT modem
  • Install the patch cord
  • Execute GPON settings


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