What Is MPO fiber optic cassettes?

MPO fiber optic cassettes are designed to provide a secure and easy transition between multi-fiber cables to fiber optic patch cables. They come in both single mode OS2 (9/125 um) and multimode OM3 (50/125 um) and they also come in both 12 fibers and 24 fibers. Inside our 12 fiber cassettes, there is a 0.35-meter fanout cable from one male MPO adapter on the rear of the cassette connected to 6 duplex LC, SC, or ST adapters on the front of the cassette. Similarly, inside our 24 fiber cassettes, there are two 0.35-meter fanout cables from two male MPO adapters on the rear of the cassette connected to 6 quad LC adapters on the front. Both of these cassettes have a LGX footprint. The LGX size is 5.3” by 1.2″.

MPO MTP Cassettes Types
MPO Cassettes Types

These MPO cassettes will have rear MPO ports (usually for 12 fibres per port) for connection to MPO trunk cables and front duplex LC or SC duplex ports.
Two MPO cassettes, MPO trunk(s) and LC (or SC) duplex patch cords will create either a multimode or singlemode duplex network between two network locations.

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