MT Patch Cords MT-MT MT-FA Patch Cable

MT-MT patch cord and MT-FA Patch Cable are used in optical QSFP Module, Connect the optical lens with external port, OM2/OM3/OM4 fiber can be used, the length is very precise to meet the small space.

MT-MT patch cord for QSFP Module
MT-MT patch cord for QSFP Module

MT short patch cords is mainly used for a parallel optical technology module (QSFP), which connects the internal opticallens and external port to meet the signal transmission of the optical module. There are two types of MT-MT and MT-FA optional; We can provide all kinds of MT short patch cable products. The transmission mode, fiber type, and connector type can be arbitrarily matched. It has the advantages of stable transmission, high reliability and customization, and is widely used in optical modules, test equipment, medical equipment and other scenarios.

A full line of high-performance MTP /MPO fiber cable assembly, they are designed for high-density backplane and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) applications in data and telecommunication systems. With the based on single ferrule MT technology, our MTP /MPO fiber cable assembly can be up to single ferrule with 24 fiber cores connections.

Active Optical Cables Jumpers for optical transceiver module package,such as 40G QSFP+SR4,100G-SR4 eg. It fit for different installation environment and easy to install between adapters and laser chip.Our connectors are 100% factory tested and can meet your special requirements.


▪ Low insertion loss
▪ High repeatability and high stability
▪ High precision and customizable
▪ Meets GR468、GR1435 and RoHS standards

▪ Optical module
▪ Test equipment
▪ Medical equipment