What Is MPO Patch Cable Assembly Line Equipment’s?

MPO Patch Cable Assembly Line Equipment’s including all the main equipment’s for MPO cable produce including MPO polishing machine, MPO Heating Oven, MPO interface checker microscope, mpo crimping machine, mpo insertion loss and return loss machine and so on. We provide you most stable and high quality equipment’s.

MPO/MTP Patch Cable Assembly Line
MPO Patch Cable Assembly Line

MPO ribbon and trunk mulitcore cable assemblies facilitate rapid deployment of high density backbone cabling in data centers and other high fiber environment, reducing network in stallation or reconfiguration time and cost.

These MPO cable are build with the highest quality components , Low loss elite versions are offered, featuring low insertion low for demanding high speed networks where power budgets are critical.

MTP/MPO are used to interconnect cassettes, panels, or fan outs, it offered in fiber typs in standard 8 , 12 ,24 ,or 48 cores versions using a compact and rugged microcables structre. The compact cable optimize cableway use and improve airflow.

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