Dead end grip other called preformed wire grips, is developed to use in overhead telecommunication networks or electrical power distribution line to tension bare and insulated conductors on towers or wooden poles.
Product range of dead end grip products includes:

ADSS Dead End Grip
ADSS Dead End Grip

1)ADSS cable guy grips,  2)ADSS cable suspension grips 3)Strand wire guy grips.

They are made of hot dip galvanized steel and covered by special sand and glue to improve the friction between conductors which secure and anchor cables on aerial poles.

All of our dead end grip have been tested with the collaboration of electricity and telecommunication utilities to ensure our product meet their requirements of our clients. Our internal laboratory is capable to proceed such a series of standard related type tests such as +70°C–40°Ctemperature and humidity cycling test, ultimate tensile strength test, electrical aging test and etc.

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