What are Fiber Protection Sleeves?

Fiber Protection Sleeves are commonly used when two fibers are fusion spliced together. The protection sleeve is meant to protect the splice joint and exposed fiber after the splice has been completed.

This products is made up of cross linked polyolefin heat-shrinkable tubes,hote melt tubes and Stainless steel needle. It is specifically designed for the protection of fiber optical closure.

Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Protection Sleeve GT
Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Protection Sleeve GT

Fusion splicing is a process where two optical fibers are aligned and then joined together by melting the optical glass in a controlled manner. Once this is completed, the splice provides an almost 0dB loss connection. The splice may be tested for Tensile strength as a final test and approval. If the splice passes the tests it is deemed good and the splice will need to be protected. Here is where the protection sleeve comes in!

created to protect a spliced fiber and must be installed on the fiber before the fusion splice is performed (otherwise you will have to break the fiber and start again). First, slide the protection sleeve onto the fiber. Then, perform the fusion splice. After the fusion splice is performed the sleeve is slid over the splice to cover the joint and exposed fiber. The protection sleeve is placed into a sleeve oven which is built into the fusion splicer. There the sleeve is heated to melt and shrink around the splice. Since the sleeve has a steel rod, a mechanical protection is formed so the fiber cannot be bent. An environmental protection is also formed from the shrinking of the tubing around the fiber to keep the elements away from the splice joint.