What Is Fiber Optic Cabinets / Optical Distribution Cabinet?

Fiber optic cabinets/Optical Distribution Cabinet designed to protect fiber optic cable from environmental conditions. These fully enclosed cabinets are also designed to organize and manage rack-mountable hardware for the telecommunications industry. Outdoor fiber optic enclosures help companies by effectively boosting network performance, enhancing working efficiency, and reducing unnecessary expenditure.

Fiber Optic Cabinets / Optical Distribution Cabinet
Fiber Optic Cabinets / Optical Distribution Cabinet

It combines the functions of splicing, distribution, storage, environment-proof and management of optical cables. Both high quality Stainless Steel and stainless steel are available. The protection level reaches IP65 which means the material can provide a great performance of both water-proof and dust-proof.


Outdoor optical fiber cabinet is a box with single operation and single door. it is mainly using for the fiber cable’s connection, distribution and management between each fiber distribution hubs, especially for the FTTH applications. This product provides safe、reliable and flexible optical fiber line management, applicable to all kinds of optical communication network, especially suitable for user access network projects

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