Microduct Air Blowing Fiber Micro Duct Tube HDPE are small ducts for the installation of small microduct fibre optic cables. They have a size ranging from typically 3 to 16 mm and are installed as bundles in larger ducts. Ducts (or conduits) offer a highly protective environment for fiber-optic cables. They are typically buried, and then the cables are air-blown, jetted, pulled or pushed into the duct.HDPE-Microduct-Fiber-Optic-Cable-for-Blowing-UseMicro Ducts are a great way of getting the most versatility out of your current empty duct system. Why install one fiber cable when you could install multiple MicroDucts? Each MicroDuct is a pathway for fiber now or in the future. Expand your network as your needs require.

The most common method of fiber optical cable installing is using of the built ducts infrastructure. The most economically advantageous and increasingly popular method is the system of single thick- or thin-walled microducts or their bundles. This variant uses compressed air for installing optical fibers or micro-cables into existing ducts network on customer’s request.

HDPE micro duct fiber optical cable blowing installation of fiber optical cable blowing, is a kind of small, flexible, lightweight tube, include HDPE micro duct, tube bundle, silicon duct, system matching part and optic cable air blowing installing service.

Today the microduct cabling technology is used more and more, all over the world. The fibre counts have grown up to 144 per cable and can be installed in microducts of only 8 mm inner diameter. Bundles of microducts can be jetted over 1500 m or more. Microduct cables can even be jetted over 3.5 km in one single shot. More length without splice is reached by placing jetting equipment in tandem.