Fiber Optic Types Based On Usage

Air-blown Micro Cables

Air-blown micro-cables & micro-tubes, applied in a variety of application scenarios, improve the utilization ratio of pipe holes, effectively solve the problem of pipeline resource.

Optical Cable for Route Shortage

Optical cable indoor and outdoor with  high count fiber or other features used for DATA Center.

Biologically Protective Optical Cables

Optical cable designed anti-animal materials and structures to prevent damage of birds or rodents animal.

Optical Cables for Distributed Base Stations

Optical cable indoor and outdoor hybrid optical and electrical function for Distributed Base Stations.

Optical Cables for Networks in Rural Areas

Optical cable with low cost of materials and structures apply to the vast countryside.

Optical Cables for Railway Transportation

Optical cable excellent flame-retardant and other properties used in Railway Transportation.

All-dry Outdoor Optical Cables

All-dry Optical cable, free of gel, environmentally friendly optical cable, applied in high environmentally demanding situations.

Optical Cables for Vertical Wiring in Buildings

Optical indoor cable, bending insensitive or tight buffered fibers, large fibre count, LSZH and other properties used for such Vertical Wiring Buildings.


OPGW Optical fibre composite wire overhead ground with communication function ,used on electric utility power line.

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