HDMI over Ethernet Network Extender Cat6 or Cat5 loop out Video Audio

The HDMI extender over a Ethernet network Cat6/5 UTP cables to send your HDMI signal over long distances. Instead of using expensive HDMI cables, this device lets you use your existing Cat5e/ 6 cables/sockets while also performing the same functions like transferring Deep Color video and new lossless compressed audio. With the advantage of TCP/IP standard, it can transmit HDMI signal source from HD STB,DVD,PS3,HDMI display card etc to HD projector, DLP,LCD,LED and other audio visual equipment. It can one transmit & more than one reception (slave), maximum support 253 reception(slave). 14 solts Rack Mountable

price may inc or dec based on the RMB/USD rate.
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