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About Fiber Optic Connector Types

Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber Optic Connectors Types Model: FC/SC/ST/LC/MTRJ/MPO and other connectors A fiber connector is also referred to as a “termination” and enables you to quickly connect/disconnect the fiber cables. Many fiber connector types have a spring-loaded connection to ensure that there is a constant force that is mating the two fibers together to confirm that you […]

10G Infrastructure for 40G Ethernet With 40G BiDi Optics

During migration from 10G to 40G, one of the most headache problem is that the 10G infrastructure is different from 40G. For example, 40GASE-SR4 QSFP+ transceiver is the most popular solution for 40G transmission in short distances. It uses four 10G lanes to support 40G through a 12-fiber MTP/MPO interface, with four for receiving and […]

Key Features Of OM5 Fiber Cable

As the continuously increased bandwidth demand, the types of fiber patch cable are also updating quickly. OM5 fiber cable, also known as WBMMF (wideband multimode fiber), has arrived to meet the growing bandwidth requirements. However, there are different opinions on whether the adoption of OM5 fiber will benefit today’s data center. This post will focus […]

What Is Secure Keyed LC Connectivity System?

The secure keyed LC system is designed specifically for mission critical circuits where networks are segregated by color for identification and protected from accidental moves, adds, or changes. Generally, the secure keyed LC components are available with 12 different keying options each carrying a different color to facilitate network administration. The keyed LC connectors and […]