5G Will Affect Current And Future Data Centers

5G is the latest mobile network, plans to officially launched in 2020 with a feature of the 4G or 3G, 5Gwill use different from the original network of radio frequencies, so need different antenna will be shorter than 4G, 5G antenna and can accommodate more equipment 5G frequency can be very high, but not close to other frequency interference in addition, 5G launcher with a strong directivity, unlike 4G launcher by sending signals in a wider range of directions to waste energy new network function, according to people familiar with 5G compared with 4G, 5G better able to perceive personal equipment needsIt can switch to the low power mode to perform a task not too dense, or switch to high power mode to carry out activities such as video streaming 5G network should be much faster than 3G or 4G, can let users can handle data intensive tasks, for example, in a few seconds to download the full movie, and its network of greater bandwidth will more more users demand delay is to measure the time needed for packet transmission between the two points, 5G network will be a short delay, almost undetectable 5G network may be helpful in development must deal with the data of related technologies, including automatic driving a carSo will 5G have a broad impact on current and future data centers?Data center may appear more number compared with the original network, 5G network to support the amount of data that will raise 1000 times its widespread availability may make people more than ever to use 5G in addition, 5G can bring a better Internet coverage in rural areas, with 5G network is likely to mean that users no longer need more large-scale data center to be specific, they will be close to the mobile network tower more replaced the local data center, however, the edge processing data needed for the data center will not be able to meet the needs of 5GTherefore, while the construction of large data centers may be slow, but as a result of 5G demand, the demand for edge data center may be growing more and more on the edge of computing and micro data centers may be greatly reduced and the cost of 5G network supporting the use of smart phones, because people may no longer need a strong processing capacity and expensive components of mobile phones, for example, AT&T company plans to establish edge computing data center, and believe that doing so can reduce the dependence on high-priced phone 5G network will create more data It is generally believed that 5G network will generate more data than previous generations of network This change is mainly due to need to deal with in the past 5G network technology not feasible data types and quantity of the data For example, the Internet of things device compatible with the function of the 5G, 5G availability can improve the overall adoption rateGartner research institutions a survey found that 57% of plans to use 5G of respondents said their organization’s main goal is to strengthen the Internet of things (IoT) communication between devices, and are willing to pay more for 5G connection in addition, most of the people by 2020 is expected to popularize 5G, but even so real application may need to wait for a few years, the use of the Internet of things device has increased 5G to provide quick and low latency may make people more interested in the Internet of things technologyBesides Internet equipment, 5G network will also increase the attraction of the other technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) although it has some virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications, but 5G network improvements will enable people to more easily to try these techniques, and use it to a new application when this happens, the overall data quantity will increase, which puts forward higher requirements on data center operations data centers will get extensibility, and rely on new technology to realizeIntel has been studying in 5G how to affect the data center actual case the company hopes to focus on the future potential interoperability of data center, in order to help data center operators to avoid vendor lock-in Intel company development can be compatible with many suppliers of products, and to support data center the demand fluctuates extension requirement on software, 5G may lead to more data center software used to define the power (SDP) in short, software defined power (SDP) the application load distribution to the data center to optimize the performance, and reduce the possibility of interruptionsAs the change of demand, the transfer of power distribution is independent and persistent software defined power (SDP) can also ensure data centers to reduce power consumption during peak demand, thus improve the operation efficiency and then, these groups can be gained from the utility company perks in addition, the software defined power (SDP) data center has higher adaptability, it is important to some industry experts said that all applications will be running in the cloud if this is correct, then will promote enterprise development and deployment in the cloud more applications, and 5G network will be the implementation of these measuresData center, therefore, have to prepare for the development of some new demand is unclear global each big telecommunication manufacturers are ready for service to 5G network launched since 5G is a new technology, now it is impossible to know all of its meaning as the telecommunications companies began to provide customers try 5G, 5G the other influence to the data center is likely to become more prominent

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