VDSL2+ is faster than ADSL

VDSL2 applied the same DMT modulation technology with ADSL 2+, can be backward compatible with ADSL2+, and work within the 2.2 MHz band of ADSL2 + technology, compared to VDSL2 it can work to 17 MHz even 30 MHz band, divided more muck channel up and down, in a short distance can provide higher bandwidth, so the ADSL2+ technology usually locate on board the DSLAM equipment, and VDSL2 suitable for distance shorter FTTC outdoor cabinets or FTTB corridor solution.

Another advantage for adopting the VDSL2 is the terminal. VDSL2 terminal with ADSL2+ terminal on the appearance and usage is not big different, users continue to use copper network for broadband access, compared to the fiber-to-the-home FTTH patch cables without changing family walk line and decorate, also need not worry about the security implications of laser to human eyes. And VDSL2 backward compatible function can guarantee when equipment upgrades the original ADSL2+ terminal can still continue to use, can guarantee the smooth transition. Terminal management can continue to use as same with ADSL2+ management protocols and management systems, terminal management practices and operational methods remain the same. With the heavy use of VDSL2 terminal, VDSL2 terminal there will be more price cut space, further reduce the cost of network creation.

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