Use Rack Cable Organizer for Cable Management

As we know, it is vital to keep cable well-organized when working with server rooms and data centers. For cable management, rack cable organizer is necessary and important. It plays a leading role in both horizontal rack cable management and vertical rack cable management when applied with other cable management components. It is often involved in many components, such as fiber optic enclosures, fiber optic cassette, cable rack, etc. Next, let’s read through to find relatively good solutions on how to use it.

Horizontal Rack Cable Organizer + Patch Panel

The horizontal rack cable organizer/manager is often used to arrange small bundles of patch cables from network switches and patch panels. It is usually ideal for coax, fiber, copper wiring, patch cords, and other various needs. It is outstanding in organizing patch cords and maintaining required bend radius. Therefore, it is perfect to work with a patch panel, which is ideal to create a flexible, reliable and tidy cabling system for ethernet cables. Normally, a well-organized patch panel cable management provides a reliable cabling system for all of today’s network applications and future-proofing networks.


Horizontal Rack Cable Organizer + Rack Mount Enclosure

In addition to patch panels, rack cable organizer is also very useful applied with rack mount enclosure.

You may know that MTP/MPOLC enclosure is designed to connect 40/100G devices with the existing 10G devices in an effective way. The breakout panel integrates the advantages of MPO pre-terminated branch cables and compact patch panels, and distributes several sets of links in the distribution box to ensure high performance and reliable direct connection from 10 GbE to 40/100 GbE.

The horizontal rack cable organizer with D-ring is used in front of the 40/100G breakout panel, which is ideal for 40/100G migration in high-density data centers. It is installed on the front side of the fiber enclosure. Every strand of fiber patch cable goes through the D-ring on the panel, eliminating the dangling of cable and decreasing bend loss effectively.


Vertical Cable Organizer in Use

This type of rack cable organizer/manager can be installed in specific areas of the rack. Normally, it can be stacked to reach any height, so it can be a good choice in vertical rack cable management. It provides extra-deep cable management capacity for applications that require large Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6a cable bundles or thick cables.



Rack cable organizer offers a wide variety of options for server rack cable management and data center, networking/IT closets, patch panel racks and server racks. It can be applied with patch panels and rack mount enclosures in an effective way to improve airflow among cables. Different kinds of combinations can meet different needs in various applications, especially with both horizontal and vertical collocation.

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