HDMI Fiber extender 1080p Bidirecitonal stereo 3.5mm audio in out and with KVM & RS232

HDMI Fiber Extender, Uncompressed HD 1080p@60Hz HDMI over one Fiber optic Media Converters, with Bidirecitonal stereo 3.5mm audio in/out , and with KVM and RS232 data is optional,Lossless,Universal singlmode fiber Up to 20Km(12.4mi) ,SM 40Km/60Km/80Km/100Km is available ,and compatible with multimode fiber up to 500m (0.31mi). FC optical interface , LC/SC/ST is optional. Contace us if need.

price may inc or dec based on the RMB/USD rate.
Please Contact for update price