what is Fiber Optic Cable Production?

PLC+IPC control FTTH drop /control Simplex/duplex cable production line

Fiber Optic cable making machine, including wire drawing, stranding, braiding, sheathing, coiling, package, test and material

Application: Applied in production of FTTH terminal optical fiber cable(drop cable), extrusion material is PVC/LSZH. The extruded sheath possesses the features of even diameter, smooth, fast speed. And low excess loss for optical fiber.

Main parts brand:

Motor: Siemens(China) Motor

Transducer: American Emerson transducer

Temperature controller: Japan RKC Brand PID Smart type

PLC and Control Module: Siemens


Screw and Barrel: Produced by JINHU Company.

Main specification and performance:

1. Manufacture:FTTH drop cable

2. Structure speed:Max.150 m/min

3. Production speed:2.0*3.0mm Max.110m/min(LSZH);120m/min(PVC)

2.0*5.2mm Max.100m/min(LSZH);110m/min(PVC)

4. No of optical fiber pay-off reels: 2reels

5. Specification of optical fiber pay-off reels: 25km and 50km standard optical fiber reels

6. Pay-off tension of optical fiber: 0.4N-1.5N

7. Heads no of reinforcement pay-off rack: 2 heads

8. Specification of reinforcement pay-off reels: PN400 reels and PN300 steel wire reels

9. Reinforcement Specification: ø0.45mm

10. Pay-off tension of reinforcement: 5N-30N

11.Extruder Φ50x25D Extrusion machine

12. Take-up tension: 5-20N

13. Take-up reels Specification: 400 reel and 630 reel(central shaft hole diameter ø 56)

14. Center height of machine: 1000mm from background

15.Color: customized; Cabinet color:RAL7032 GREY

16.Total Power:About 53KW