What Is MPO/MTP fiber optic patch panels?

MPO/MTP fiber optic patch panels are made to meet the demand of high density fiber cable management products, it reduce space, reduce deployment time, easy to use and plug to play. our MPO/MTP fiber patch panels are from 24 fibers, 36 fibers, 48 fibers, 96 fibers till 144 fibers in a single rack, the front panels can be custom made, inside the MPO/MTP fiber patch panels are pre-installed with huihongfiber MPO/MTP fiber cassettes and MPO/MTP cables. Typically, the fiber patch panels are installed with MPO/MTP to LC hydra cables and adapters, we also have SC/ST/FC adapters and cables, in single mode and multimode versions, UPC and APC polished ones.

MPO/MTP fiber optic patch panels
MPO/MTP fiber optic patch panels

MPO/MTP Fiber Optic Patch Panels Features and Applications

  • To accommodate plug and play fiber cassette modules for MPO/MTP system
  • Lightweight; easy to manage
  • Choices of 1U, 2U, 4U – all are standard 19″ size rackmount MPO/MTP fiber panels
  • Re-lockable front plate with optional connector types LC/SC/FC/ST
  • Easy removal top plate, easy for maintenance

Key Benefits of MPO/MTP Patch Panels

  • High Density, only 1U height and 19″ size, Space saving.
  • Panel can scale up to 144 strands LC front ports and up to 12 MPO rear ports.
  • Quad LC adapters to reduce space requirement.
  • Fast Deployment – Factory pre-populated panel saves installation time – Plug and Play.
  • Available in OS2, OM3, OM4, OM5 fiber grades
  • Factory installed and tested MPO/MTP components feature superior optical and mechanical performance
  • Cost effective, direct factory and manufacturer of the MPO/MTP patch panels, cables and components.

The MPO/MTP fiber patch panels made by Huihongfiber is with pre-installed cassettes and adapters, it enables max 144 fiber connections inside one single 1U height unit. Typical models are 96 fiber MPO/MTP patch panels and 144 fibers MPO/MTP fiber patch panels, they are both standard 19″ size. the MPO/MTP fiber patch panels are rugged, neat, easy to use, and cost effective MPO/MTP fiber management units used in data centers and telecommunication central office environment. The low loss premium MPO/MTP and LC components are factory assembled and tested.