what is Indoor/Outdoor Armored Fiber optic cable Cable?

Indoor/Outdoor Armored Fiber optic cable  allow to link network from building to building Without changing the indoor cable to outdoor cable or vise versa . it’s important that cable does not have any electrical code to pass into building and damage equipment .Indoor/Outdoor Armored Fiber optic cable Cables are designed to meet both the stringent environmental requirements typical of outside plant cable AND the flammability requirements of premise applications.The advantages to using Indoor/Outdoor Armored Fiber optic cable include fewer connection points, thus fewer points of potential failure, enhanced security and improved electrical  performance since light attenuation, which occurs as the result of connectors, splices, etc., is avoided. Attenuation negatively impacts network performance. Additionally, many I/O cables are tight buffered, which allows them to accept connectors without the use of any kits.No Need for Inner Duct or Conduit to pass the cable.using Aluminum Interlock Armor.Color Coded for Easy Identification.Suitable for Intra-building Cable Solution.
Flexible and Easy to Handle.Lightweight, Flexible Aramid Yarns Enhance Strength