Optical Performance Of a Fiber Patch Cord

Insertion Loss & Back Reflection

   To improve cable performance, Insertion loss and back reflection must be minimized.

   To minimize insertion loss, the proper selection of materials is vital. When pick out the material of the core, we use zirconia ceramic ferrule to reach the optimum insertion loss and return loss. Also, safe termination practices are performed to ensure high quality.

   To minimize the negative effects of back reflection, we need to ensure that the fibers are touching or in physical contact (PC). We polish every fiber cable end-face properly and make sure cables are aligned correctly. Both of these can ensure proper fiber contact and minimize back reflection.

• Radius of Curvature

   Insertion loss and back reflection can’t completely make sure the quality required and the excellent optical performance of the patch cable. And here’s other factors.

   Radius of Curvature must be between 7mm and 25mm, thus the correct compressed force can be ensured between two connectors. We adopt advanced grinding machine to make sure our fiber’s depression, center grinding offset, size of the ceramic end radius of curvature and other technical parameters comply with technology standards.

• Fiber Position & Cleanliness

   The fiber position plays a vital role in maintaining the physical contact of the two pairs of fibers together. Too many protrusions may lead to fiber crushing and too much undercut may cause the loss of physical contact and increase the insertion loss and back reflection.

   Endface debris and defects is also critical to achieving the needed IL and reflectance performance. Thus Inspection with 200x or 400x magnification should be performed against an industry standard such as IEC 61300-3-35. We adopt brand new environmental material with high temperature resistance, high sturdiness and durability to ensure no breaking and peeling off, to ensure there is no scratches or flaws on the endface.

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