How to Use Fiber Enclosure in Multi-Floor Data Center?

In the previous post—Modular Patching Solutions for Flexible Cable Management, I have introduced one kind of FHD fiber enclosure with user-friendly slide-out drawer and flexible mounting options. Actually, besides that rack mount fiber enclosure, there is another kind of FHD fiber enclosure useful in the cable running and managing: wall mount fiber enclosure. It is very convenient for multi-floor cabling. This post will tell how to run cables in the multi-floor data center by flexible usage of fiber enclosures.

Fiber Enclosure – One Key Component for Cable Routing and Managing

Both wall mount fiber enclosure and rack mount fiber enclosure can be used in the multi-floor data center. Here I only say something about wall mount fiber enclosure as rack mount ones have been introduced in the previous post.

wall mount fiber enclosure

Figure 1: Wall mount fiber enclosures with two mounting options

As the name shows, wall mount fiber enclosures are usually installed on the wall for cable routing and managing. Take FOCC wall mount fiber enclosure for example, the wall mount fiber enclosures can be loaded with 2, 4, 8 fiber adapter panels and 2 slack spools for the easy-to-manage environment for fiber optic patch cord, or 2, 4, 8 MTP cassettes for maximum density in limited spaces while reducing installation time.

User Case Scenario Analysis

Usually, there are racks and racks or cabinets and cabinets in the data center. The proper cable connecting among the racks is vital to future cable moves, adds and changes. Generally, fiber enclosures are a good way and used to route and manage fiber cables. This part will show one use case scenario to tell how to run cables in the multi-floor data center. The following picture demonstrates the situation.

multi-floor deployment scenario with fiber enclosure

Figure 2: Multi-floor data center cable routing scenario

In this case, the wall mount fiber enclosures loaded with MTP fiber adapter panel and the rack mount fiber enclosure loaded with MTP cassette are used to manage the fiber cables. The MPO fiber cables can be used to provide backbone interconnection between data center distribution zone areas and provide patching for the parallel transceiver or array equipment. There are standard 12f and 24f MPO trunk cables as well as 48f MPO trunk cable and 72f MPO trunk cable. MTP cassettes installed inside the fiber enclosure can be used to connect the front LC fiber jumpers to the back MPO fiber cables. Or the MTP cassettes can be replaced with MTP fiber adapter panel for direct trunk cable to fan out interface. No matter how you run your data center cabling, fiber enclosures are undoubtedly important for routing and managing the fiber cables with flexible MACs—wall mount fiber enclosure for the cable connecting between floor and floor while rack mount fiber enclosure for cabling connecting between or within racks and racks.

What Can We Summarize?

Using MTP/MPO cassettes, MPO fiber cables, and fiber enclosures are the smart way to deploy your network neatly, conveniently and flexibly. They can build a complete easy-to-manage system in the multi-floor data center. Deploying the fiber enclosures and MPO fiber cables at first for good management will do better than re-routing and re-configuring the cabling at last. Do you think so? If “Yes”, buy the MTP cassettes, fiber enclosures and MPO fiber cables from FOCC with the most competitive price!

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