How Does PLC Splitter Work?

PLC splitter is widely installed between the PON Optical Line Terminal (OLT) and the Optical Network Terminals/Units (ONTs/ONUs) that the OLT serves. The single fiber link coming from the Central Office (CO) OLT is connected with the input of a splitter and is split into given numbers of fibers leaving the splitter. The number of the outputs in the PLC module determines the number of splits. PLC splitters can be used in centralized PON architecture or distributed architecture. In a centralized PON architecture, generally a 1×32 PLC splitter is used in the Central Office. In a distributed PON architecture, a 1×4 PLC splitter is firstly directly connected to an OLT port in the Central Office, then each of the four fibers is routed to an outside plant terminal/enclosure box that houses a 1×8/1×4 PLC splitter. The illustration is as follows:How PLC splitter works in PON centralized and distributed architectures

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