Global Optical Fiber Market Will Increase By 11.45% In 2017-2021

Market research firm Research and Markets analysts forecast that the global fiber optic market will grow at an annual compound rate of 11.45% in 2017-2021.

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2017 – 2021 global optical fiber market will increase by 11.45%

A major trend in the market is emerging cloud computing. A cloud is a virtual remote data center that can store, manage, and retrieve data or resources without any infrastructure costs. Clouds can be divided into three categories: public, private and mixed.

A major driver of the market is a growing demand for enhanced network bandwidth. The growth of Internet bandwidth is affected by a variety of factors, such as the increase in disruptive technology, help to use the network and mobile computing equipment to change the use of bandwidth. The main driver of the smartphone industry is the deployment of next-generation wireless networks, such as 3G, 4G and 5G, because these technologies provide wireless connectivity that is equivalent to a home broadband connection. In addition, the popularity of smart phones increased network traffic, but also to promote the development of the market.

The main suppliers of the global fiber market include Corning, Furukawa Electric, Cable Company, Prysmian, Streit Industries, YOFC and HengTong Group .

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