We receive Fiber optic products Inquires and Tender with our website mefiberoptic.com because we have SEO site That focus only on fiber Optic telecom products 接收光纤产品询价及标书

You can have all this inquires and Tender that we received too,There are 3 way

1- 105 USD/Monthly: Receive inquiry in your e-mail and reply to customer directly. (non exclusively other companies employee receive RFQ too)

2-505 USD/Monthly: Receive inquiry in your e-mail and reply to customer directly you and your company and contact put in contact page . ( non exclusively other companies employee receive RFQ too and if they had plane 2 there contact is in contact page too)

3-1300 USD/Monthly+1% commission: You rent the site exclusively only you or your company receive RFQ Directly . ” This site will be your best and valuable employee” and bring you customers Only for you . you can add online chat and About page , certificate page and all of your contacts in footer of all page and contact page and also i am working on site and add products and SEO them as your employee for free)and I should be CC in All e-mail that comes from my site even if they are your old customer

Terms .(Please Read them all Carefully)

  1. There will be no return policy for payment so carefully read and decide.
  2. Dears,we are not interested in send RFQ for free and then if you sale, receive commission from your side so please do not suggest or promises or give word.
  3. there is no testing time if you want to test take a risk 105 USD and test for one month if you are satisfy then pay again for next month , you can see some pictures of old Inquiry in below.
  4. If you choice planes 1 or 2 it means you are not exclusively receive RFQ other receive too,consider that.
  5. in plane 2 All of your website URL and e-mail will be in Text format not hyperlink.
  6. placing your contact in contact page base on your payment time and the latest is in top.
  7. all plane are prepaid except plan 3 that is negotiable
  8. for payment you can use wechat Pay, Bitcoin, Webmoney , PrefectMoney (you should open an account and verify your self in one of the site first in order to send money for us, we give you our account number after confirming with you in e-mail). You can charge your webmoney wallet wmz account in this link and for prefectmoney in this link. (we do not have paypal or other payment method)
  9. Payment is monthly please do not pay for more than one month
  10. some time e-mail goes to spam folder please check spam folder too and mark as not spam

you can contact to [email protected] or use form below or skype:live:.cid.cf9f21157f560b7