Different Types of PLC Splitters Fiber Optic

Different Types of PLC Splitters

Fiber optic PLC splitter can be categorized by the PLC splitter chip they use, meaning there are 1xN and 2xN PLC splitters, such as 1×4, 1×8, 1×16, 2×32, 2×64, etc. Installers can choose different input and output numbers depending on subscriber conditions or cable length.

In addition, PLC splitter manufacturers produce different packages of PLC modules to meet clients’ needs in various scenarios, including small size PLC splitter that need to be used in terminal box and big size rack mounted PLC that can be installed in racks. Actually the package of PLC splitter is a key factor to be considered in purchase. Here are some common types of PLC splitters in the market.

PLC Splitter TypeCharacteristics
Bare Fiber PLC Splitter-Simplest PLC splitter type. -All ends are bare fibers (0.9/2.0/3.0µm). -Can be spliced freely according to the applications. -Requires the least space during cabling.
Blockless PLC Splitter-Resembles bare fiber PLC splitter, but has fiber optic connectors. -Uses stainless tube package for the PLC splitter chip.
Fanout PLC Splitter-Generally uses 0.9mm buffer fiber. -Adds a length of ribbon fiber terminated with fanout kit behind the PLC split chip.
ABS PLC Splitter-Uses ABS plastic box to hold the PLC splitter chip. -Input fiber and output fibers are arranged on the same plate of the ABS box. -Can be installed in standard 19” rack unit/enclosure.
LGX Box PLC Splitter-The whole PLC splitter is housed in a metal box and the fiber optic adapters for both input and output fibers are on its front panel. -Can be used stand alone or be installed in the standard rack unit/enclosure.
Mini Plug-in PLC Splitter-Looks like LGX box PLC splitter but usually uses ABS material box. -Can be used in outdoor fiber distribution box in FTTX.
Rack Mount PLC splitter-Uses a standard 19” design package. -Can be installed in server racks in data centers or server rooms. -Suitable for high density cabling, up to 64 output ports in 1U pack.
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