CWDM Fiber Optic Splice Tray

When we talk about CWDM Tray, it means the CWDM splcie tray but not the rack mount “CWDM Tray”. A CWDM splice tray is a fiber optic splice tray that can be integrated with CWDM components (e.g. CWDM MUX). The CWDM tray allows for easy integration in enclosures, wall-mount boxes, or Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs). A whole CWDM fiber optic splice tray integrated with CWDM has many advantages and applications. (A CWDM fiber optic splice tray is shown below.)

CWDM Splice Tray
Consistent performance
Low optical loss
Low polarization sensitivity
Excellent mechanical and environmental characteristics
Fast installation and commissioning
CWDM upgrades in metro networks
Increase the capacity between the central office and the headend in HFC networks
CWDM overlay in PON architectures
Cell Site Backhaul
CWDM components based on Thin Film Filter (TFF) technology

However, the CWDM fiber optic splice trays are generally provided without CWDM components. So, we need to install CWDMs into the splice trays. Here are some steps for installing CWDM into fiber optic splice tray:

  • 1. Placement of the module or cassette into the splice tray will be dependent upon the dimensions of the product being used. It is important to follow industry standards set for bend radius.
  • 2. Clean the back of the module or cassette with a premoistened alcohol wipe to remove any dirt or oils. Repeat the process at the location on the tray that the module or cassette will be installed.
  • 3. Peel the liner off one side of the black hook and loop that is provided for you in the kit and place it on the back of the module or cassette. Press firmly for several seconds. Remove the other piece of liner and place the module or cassette in the appropriate place on the tray. Press firmly for several seconds to ensure proper adhesion.
  • 4. When the installation of the module or cassette has been completed, determine best placement for the splice insert.
  • 5. Clean tray with alcohol wipe prior to placing the insert on the tray. Once the area is clean, remove the adhesive backing from the insert and press down on the tray, holding firmly for several seconds to ensure adhesion to the tray.
    Note: Carefully follow health and safety environmental instructions for the isopropyl alcohol.
  • 6. Route CWDM fiber tails and splice fiber into inserts.

Compared with CWDM fiber optic splice trays, there are also DWDM fiber optic splice trays which are designed to be integrated with DWDM components (e.g. DWDM multiplexer). And the installation for DWDM trays is the same as CWDM’s.

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