What is MPO MTP?

In today’s transmission networks, small and multi-fiber connectors are replacing larger, older styles connectors for space saving. For example, the SC connector is gradually being replaced by its small version LC connector which allows more fiber ports per unit of rack space. To save space, multi-fiber connector is also a good solution, like MTP/MPO connectors. […]

Fiber Optic MPO Connector Cable and Polarity

MPO/MTP technology, which is of high density, flexibility and reliability with scalable, upgradeable properties, is one of the contributors that lead the migration to 40/100GbE. However, the network designers face another challenge which is how to assure the proper polarity of these array connections using multi-fiber MPO/MTP components from end-to-end. Maintain the correct polarity across […]

MTP/MPO polarity methods for parallel signals

When migrating from 10G to 40G/100G, it is important to know the MTP polarity and gender. Understanding the MTP polarity can ensure that connections between a transmitter and its receiver across the entire fiber optic system are in a consistent, standards-based manner. In the previous post “Introduction to Polarity Methods for MTP/MPO Systems”, I have […]

No conversion vs. conversion module vs. conversion harness: which to use for 40G Data Center parallel solution?

When talking about 40G cabling, MPO cable is the most common choice for data center managers to use. Today, I’d like to talk about three types of MTP cabling options for 40G parallel connectivity. The first type is to deploy MPO 12 cable and ignore the unused four fibers. And the other two types are […]