What Is Fiber Loss

Accurate measurement and testing in fiber cable installation are crucial to ensure overall network integrity and performance. A significant signal loss in the optical fiber can cause unreliable transmission. How can we know the value of losses on the fiber link?Read on, this post will teach you how to calculate the losses in optical fiber […]

ITU-T standards For Fiber Optic Cable

New 5G optical network architecture requires high bandwidth and low latency. Therefore, the providers of fiber optic cables are all gearing up to meet the challenges to manufacture new 5G related products for 5G network deployment. Innovative optical fibers have been introduced to serve 5G requirements from the core to access networks in recent years, […]

Features of MTP® Connectors

Though MPO connectors and MTP® connectors use the same form factor and multiplex push-pull coupling type (SNAP), to improve optical and mechanical performance, MTP® connectors developed by US Conec feature some unique design characteristics, which contribute to the simple and fast installation, flexibility and stability of MTP® connectors. Simple and Fast Installation An MTP® connector […]

MTP® vs MPO Cable

There comes a more demanding request for higher transmission speed and larger capacity with the prevalence of cloud computing in the era of big data. 40/100G networks are increasingly becoming more commonplace in data centers. As an alternative to MPO cables, MTP® cables with better performance have been the inevitable trend in data center cabling. […]

What Is MTP® Connector?

MTP® is a registered trademark of US Conec, which is the acronym for Multi-fiber Termination Push-on. When it comes to MTP® connectors in daily operations, MPO connector is often seen as an interchangeable term. Though MTP® brand connectors are fully compliant with MPO standards and are fully compatible with MPO brand connectors, nevertheless, MTP® connectors […]

Quality of MTP/MPO Cable

MTP/MPO cable is currently widely used in high-speed, high-density applications and large data centers. Its quality determines the stability and sustainability of the entire network. Therefore, the quality of MTP cable is particularly important. Then, how to tell the quality of MTP cable? What factors should we consider? Get guidelines in this post. Factors to […]